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Open House, Interdisciplinary Situations, Art Production

Applied interdisciplinary reflection

On this occasion, Loreto Alonso and Patricia Fesser

This is an ongoing project which consists in bringing together people from different academic disciplines. The goal is to exchange and interact on common interest subjects. With the aim of running a poll on the issues to be dealt with through mutual collaboration, we produced a number of mailboxes with a sign which read: INFILTRATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, with the following instructions.

1. Write down on a piece of paper the topics you would like to share from your knowledge in an interdisciplinary context, and write down your e-mail so that we can get back to you.
2. The results of this first round will be communicated to the participants via e-mail and published in the campus newspaper and other periodicals from the field, for whomever might be interested.


On this occasion, Loreto Alonso and María Íñigo.

Do you think of your projects as realities?

Now, you can measure your projects' I.R.P. in a simple way: Take an index card and write down one of your non-produced projects. Think about the degree of reality your project is likely to attain. Drop your card in C.A.S.I.T.A.'s postboxes, choosing one according to your project's I.R.P.:

  An I.R.P. of 1 to 3 Red: You consider your project to be highly unviable, and it is almost impossible to produce it.

  An I.R.P. of 4 to 6 Yellow: You consider your project's realisation to be possible, but you also assume that it could easily never
  be produced.

  An I.R.P. of 7 to 10 Green: You have high hopes placed on your project, and it seems highly likely that it will become a reality.